Christmas Card Micro Mini Sessions | November 2, 11, 16 and 23

Some things for you to think about, and some resources for you to refer to when you’re getting jazzed up for your FREE micro mini session.

Hi guys!  I, for one, am getting excited for these free micro mini sessions!  How about you?  These are obviously pretty different from a full lifestyle experience with LYYP, but I hope one thing the two have in common will be that they’re FUN.   Please review the following and let me know if you have any questions at ALL!

Paperwork and Information

What time should I get there?

I highly recommend that you plan to get to your location a few minutes early so that we can get started right on time. It’s a pretty tight schedule, and I’ll have to stop shooting ten minutes after your scheduled time to prepare for the next session, so lateness will mean a reeeeallly short session — and they’re already pretty short!  Let’s use the time to help everyone relax and have a good time.

What should I bring?

Not a thing, other than your kids, some warm layers and as many good moods as you can manage! 😉 I know that this is sometimes easier said than done — just remember that some grumpiness is totally expected (especially when little kids are involved) and that you should do your best to RELAX. Stress is like oxygen to grumpiness. Seriously — allow it to dissipate rather than feeding it with your stress — and give me room to work my magic. 😉 I promise, it’s all good.

What to Wear-2

These three were cozy, happy, and perfectly dressed for the November weather.  (I won’t show you the picture of the little girl who showed up in a short-sleeved smocked Christmas dress, but … you get the idea, right?)

Getting Ready

  • Tips on figuring out what to wear. Please, please dress for the weather.  I KNOW I’m harping on this, but these are HOLIDAY CARD photos — I want to see lots of coats, hats, mittens, and scarves!   Oh, and remember — if your kids are little, I may call you parents in as props — so, be photo ready, just in case!

Look how beautifully this has worked in Novembers past!

Micro Mini Sessions_0001Micro Mini Sessions_0002Westchester Baby Photographer_0027

What if it RAINS, or is REALLY FREEZING cold?!?!

I’m going to think positive thoughts and WILL it not to rain.  I am definitely a glass-half-full person, but I’m not gonna lie — the weather man has burned me in the past. Don’t worry, though. If it’s yucky out on Saturday, I’ll be in touch about rescheduling.  Please keep your assigned time open on SUNDAY just in case.  As for cold weather, I think we should expect it to be pretty chilly — it is November/early December, after all.   That’s OK, though!  With the right accessories — I’m talking coats, hats, mittens, scarves — we’ll have rosy cheeks, toasty kiddos AND a gorgeous wintry-themed photo!