The question I probably get the most? "What should we wear?"

I know there are some photographers who provide detailed guides and Pinterest boards and links to stores and outfits. Some will tell you to all wear the same color. Some will tell you to definitely NOT wear the same color. Some even have "client closets" and will basically dress you themselves.

To me, that would feel like me telling you who you are. Or who I want you to be. Or who I want to capture. That's not what I'm trying to do at all.

So, honestly, I'm not going to tell you what to wear.


If you're worried about it (and of course you are), I'm going to address it. We're going to chat on the phone, you can text me outfits for feedback if you like, and I'm going to give you general guidelines that I really think will help.


The general idea is this:

We're capturing YOU. At home. Playing with your kids. Hugging the people you love most. You're going to be sitting on the floor. Hunched over board games. Leaning over to help a toddler with a snack. Playing hide and seek. Hauling a fat baby around. Tickling on the bed. Changing diapers. Breaking up sibling fights. You know - the things you do every day.

Wear what you feel best in while doing those things.

So ... you will want to be comfortable. You likely won't be wearing shoes, or anything that's pinchy or low cut or needs lots of adjustment. You do want to feel good about yourself, of course. So, a little makeup if that's your thing? Sure. Something new and flattering? If that does it for you, yes. It's really totally up to you.

Vague wardrobe advice can be really annoying, I know. I did a fun blog post not too long ago about what NOT to wear that you might find a little more specific. It's HERE.

I also have more specific suggestions in my Client Guide, which I'll send over when you book.

And there are LOTS of great examples in the photos on the various pages. People who got it right. You know, for themselves. Poke around a bit. It'll get you smiling either way.

kids and families playing during their photo sessions at home.  wearing pajamas and colorful dresses and bibs
wearing comfortable clothes for your family lifestyle photography session
wearing the right thing for sitting on the floor and playing while getting photos taken with your family
parents dancing with kids and jumping on trampolines with kids

Hope that helps ...

Thanks for looking,


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