November 1, 2020

People Magazine, People

Something really exciting happened this week.

A photo of mine, taken as part of Pelham’s “Pelham Front Stoop Project” and as part of the broader “Front Steps Project” was featured in People Magazine as part of a story on Reasons for Hope in America.

pelham family in people magazine front steps project


I don’t have to tell you which photo is mine, do I?

I’ve talked about our Pelham Front Stoop Project at length HERE. I also mentioned in that post that the Front Steps Project is going to be a BOOK and that that book will be available soon. You’ll be hearing LOTS more about the upcoming book here and on my socials in the coming weeks, because I really think it’s a beautiful celebration of that project and what it represented, both here in Pelham and throughout the world.

For right now, though, can we just talk about the fact that I have a photo in People Magazine?

I certainly didn’t start the Pelham Front Stoop Project in the hopes of having photos of mine featured in a book.  Or in People Magazine, for that matter.  But, I’m not gonna lie.  The glow of both realities is delightful to bask in.

Thanks for indulging me.  If you’d like to read the entire eight page feature, copies are still on newsstands, or you can click below.

Reasons For Hope In America

I know of at least ONE family who’s nearly as excited about this recent development as I am.  These people are definitely my people — they have been my people for something like eight years — and I’m really glad I’m getting to share their happiness about People.  (Tee hee).  Enjoy some photos from their most recent annual Jaye McLaughlin family session – it was originally scheduled for April but ended up being made up in August.  We had fun – can you tell?


People Magazine, featuring the Pelham Front Stoop Project and my people.Thanks for sharing this moment with me, friends.

Remember this was beautiful.

Thanks for looking,



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