June 10, 2020

Moments of the Month | March 2020 BC

I’m trying desperately to get caught up on personal photos before “the great rescheduling” of spring 2020 sessions begins.  As I write this, I’m several months behind but have decided that chronology is overrated.  What you’ll see in this blog post is a few photos from March 2020 BC.  “BC”, of course, means “before Coronavirus.” Pre-pandemic.  Ante-quarantine. To lump these photos together with ones that were taken after March 12 would just be weird.

Looking at these photos, I’m reminded of how ordinary it was to have only two boys at the kitchen table for Emmett’s 17th birthday muffin party.  How commonplace to see Matt squeezed into the booth at Rockwell’s in a suit, having just gotten off the train from the city to enjoy dinner and Emmett’s birthday waffle.  To go (on a plane!) to a conference in Atlanta and sit in a crowded room with like-minded photographers.

Other things I remember vividly from this time (Even without pictures?!?):

  • Going to a giant Fordham Law School Alumni luncheon at Cipriani with hundreds of others, getting used to not shaking hands, listening to the opening blessing and thinking it sounded like it was from a bad sci-fi movie.
  • Taking photos for Behind the Book in the Bronx; accidentally shaking hands with one of the program volunteers and both of us joking, “well, I’m not sick.”
  • Getting word halfway through the photography conference that Trump had closed the European border and that Kate would be coming home.  In a hurry. Sitting in the hotel hallway and lobby getting her exorbitantly priced emergency flights home.
  • Being this close to having diner with my college roommate in Atlanta for the first time in years, before ultimately grabbing my own early “emergency” flight home.

It was a crazy time, alright.

Remember this was beautiful.

Thanks for looking,



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