April 25, 2020

Mother’s Day Packages Delivered to Your Door!

Mother’s Day is two weeks away!  (Did you know that?  I, for one, am having a really hard time keeping track of time these last bunch of weeks). Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered with some awesome Mother’s Day packages that tick allll  the boxes. Read on …

In case you – or, you know, anyone in your household – are wondering, a global pandemic is NOT an excuse to let this special day of love, appreciation and recognition slide by un-noticed.  Quite the contrary, it’s even more important to make mom feel special, and will be even more appreciated when you use your creativity and problem-solving skills to make it extra special during the constraints of worldwide quarantine!

Don’t worry.  I’m here to help.  Thanks to the smart and resourceful ladies at Tig & Peach, that is.


Mother’s Day Packages

Quick story, guys.  Once upon a time (this past summer), an adoooorable little indoor play space called Tig & Peach opened right here in Pelham and I thought, “Wow, what a genius idea.  I wish this had been around when my four little ones were actually little!” A couple of months later, I met the two moms who founded it.  Turns out, I had photographed both of their kiddos for the last two years at Huguenot Nursery School and we hit it off pretty quickly.  In fact, we decided that it would be a great idea to collaborate.  Ohhhh, friends, the things we had in store for you.  Think a Mother’s Day Event with flowers and cupcakes and Mommy and Me Minis!

Anyway.  As you know, a pandemic came around, and our plans were thwarted. Or so I thought.  As I sat here posting happy family pics and making photo books and catching up on blogging and such, I watched while these two moms, forced to temporarily close but still paying commercial rent on their adorably renovated space, pivoted their business by emphasizing their retail offerings. This past Easter, they took it a step further. They brought together several local businesses and created and delivered the cutest Easter Baskets ever, combining everything from crafts from local artists to churros from Cantina Lobos and beyond.

Friends, I’m sure you can figure out the rest.  When the Tig & Peach ladies approached me about being involved in their Mother’s Day Packages,  I was super excited to be involved.  We put our heads together and came up with something I think is really great.

You Can Go All-in for Mom on Mother’s Day – the Deluxe Mother’s Day Package will be delivered to your door on Mother’s Day Morning!

The Deluxe Mother’s Day Package comes with a gorgeous floral arrangement from Artistic Manner Flower Shop, two personalized Name Bracelets from Tig & Peach, three cake pops from Patty Pops to make Mother’s Day extra sweet, a Thrive Barre Studio Gift Card, a Crafted by Olivia Illustrated Family portrait, and …. drumroll please … a ten minute special Mommy and Me mini session with yours truly!  As moms, we always seem to be the ones behind the camera and are rarely in the photos.  So …. this is perfect!  These special Mother’s Day Minis come with one digital file and will take place at Tig & Peach – two date options will be announced upon re-opening.

Customize your Mother’s Day Package

If you’d like to pick and choose the things you think Mom would like best, you can start with the Basic Package and add on some great options from there.  (There are even some options from Vincents Fine Jewelry for those jewelry-loving moms).

All these details and buying options are available on the Tig & Peach website.

Support Local Businesses While Staying Home!

This probably goes without saying, but …. moms, feel free to forward this to the person who’s squirming in his seat trying to figure out how to make you happy on May 10th. Because let’s face it — that dust buster he’s considering because he’s desperate for ideas will make the whole rest of the day awkward.  (Do they even still make those?)

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