McGuire or Lincoln? | Vannah White Product Video

This is so weird, guys.  I miss sitting down with you.  I love going through the photos together – the truth is getting your gallery ready for you after your session — culling them down and editing each one and making your slideshow here at home – can be lonesome.  It’s like meticulously wrapping up a Christmas gift that you’re super excited to give and cannot wait to share.  Sitting down and going through the photos together is like sitting with you as you open the gift.  Only it’s usually 100+ gifts, as each photo has its own memory and reaction – a chuckle or an “awwwww,” or even a tear or two.  We can’t do that now.  Technology helps, but it’s not the same.


In the meantime, are you having trouble deciding which book to choose with your Storybook Collection?  I can help.

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