April 26, 2019

Session Timing | NY Family Photography

This session.  I think about it a lot lately when people ask me about how long my family lifestyle sessions run.  My answer always sounds something like … my sessions average about 1.5 hours, but sometimes everyone is ‘done’ sooner, and sometimes it takes some of us a little longer to warm up and get in the groove, and SOMETIMES we are having such a fun time together that I just CAN NOT STOP.

So, this session fell into the last category.  And I’m THIS excited to show you some favorites from the session:

Oh my GOSH, we had fun.  And honestly, it took me so long to narrow this blog post down to a reasonable number of absolute, head over heels favorites.  Some people are just made for this, I tell you.  And these guys will have the vibe (love energy fun love, love, LOVE) of this time in their lives for ever and ever and ever.  And that makes me SO happy.

Thanks for looking,