April 5, 2019

Extra Cuddles | Bronxville Family Photography

When baby wakes up on the morning of her session feeling under the weather, it’s hard to not be disappointed.  The situation is not without its silver linings, though.  First, when the only thing on anyone’s agenda for the morning is to spend time together as a family and to help to make baby happy, that’s not the worst thing for baby.  And second, everyone knows that babies who aren’t feeling well give the best cuddles.  As you’ll see, we got lots of baby smiles and sweet cuddles on the morning of this session.  And of course, she was back to her healthy jolly self in no time.  A little side note:  you already know that I love seeing people’s storybook albums and wall art from past sessions adorning a home when I visit. Also awesome is when big sis knows exactly how to open the family’s custom mobile app and watch a past slideshow on the iPad.  Just sayin’ 🙂

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