March 25, 2019

New Dog, New Backyard | Family Photography in Westport

If you’ve hung around these parts at all in the last, oh, eight years, this Westport family will look very familiar to you.  I’ve been photographing them once a year for a good long time, and the photos that come from their sessions are always memorable.  It’s not just the kid’s white-blonde hair or the good time together.  It’s their love for their pet Bernese Mountain Dogs.  A very photogenic breed, I must say.  In the beginning, it was sweet Bernie.  Then when poor Bernie crossed the rainbow bridge, Murphy joined the family.  The exciting thing about this particular session was that the family had added a SECOND Bernese Mountain Dog to the family – Harry.  That, along with their newly finished backyard and pool, made this session as fun as ever. Enjoy …

You can see last year’s session HERE and click back if you like. 🙂

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