October 16, 2018

In Their Words | Typical Saturday

“After seeing a friend’s session with Jaye and how perfectly she captured their family, I felt she would be the right fit for ours as well. Never in my wildest dreams did I think she’d get such great moments of everyone, including our dog!

Since having my son, the only professional pictures we have are from the hospital so fall seemed like the perfect time as he’s crawling and on the move, often times looking for his older sister. From the moment Jaye walked in the door it just felt easy and like a typical Saturday. Well except that everyone just happened to be dressed and the house was clean. Some things need to be a little staged.

Both my daughter and son warmed right up to Jaye and I’m still pinching myself at their pictures. I’ve always known my daughter’s proud and protective of her little brother but now I have that caught in time because of our “typical Saturday.”

Without noticing, each child had their moment to shine with Jaye and boy, did they eat it right up! The massive smiles from my son on our bed and my daughter spinning with delight in her room will forever bring happy tears to my eyes. Barbie even made it into a few images and I know that’ll be a small, precious time stamp from this stage in our family.

Thank you Jaye for stopping time with these images. Small gestures, big smiles and lots of love all caught on film to treasure for years to come.”

It was SUCH a pleasure to spend a typical Saturday morning with this gorgeous family.  Mom summed it up well up top, but I’ll just add one favorite story.  While Dad helped big sister put on her shoes before going outside and sister brushed Barbie’s hair, Dad asked what she was getting ready for.  “She’s getting married, Daddy,” she patiently told him.  “She’s getting married to the prince at Value Drugs!”  Oooooooooohhhhh, the sweetness.

Both of these cuties were great fun and I loved capturing this moment in time for their family.

Thanks for looking,