September 10, 2018

Moments of the Month | July 2018

It happens every year.

Summer comes and everything is magical and wonderful and unstructured and free and we’re living on top of each other but it’s ok because that we’re at the beach every day with nothing to do except what we want to do …

and then weeks go by.  A few heat waves and a few rainy days have us twiddling our thumbs a bit and noticing how we’re really living on top of each other and how bad moods in close proximity fester and feed each other …

and then fall comes, just in time, and we’re excited about the new starts and the structure and the return to the biiiiiiiiig house (it’s oh so big after living in a tiny bungalow!) and all is well in the world again …

and then I start going through the photos from summer on the first cool rainy day of fall and my heart starts aching for that sunny, beautiful freedom and near constant togetherness of summer.

What do people do without seasons?

See ya next year, summer.

Thanks for looking,