April 2, 2018

In Their Words | Pelham Kid Photography

“Time and time again, Jaye takes what would normally be a chaotic situation (in this case, family photos with two rambunctious boys) and the results are nothing short of perfection.  She makes each session fun and exciting for the entire family because she engages with all of us as she snaps each photo.  Jaye’s professionalism, responsiveness, attention to detail and quality of work has always made us choose LYYP.”Pelham Kid Photography

Oh, these guys.

I’ve been photographing them since soon after little brother was born, and it’s always been fun.  Dad mentions chaos in his little blurb above, and … it’s true.  There is some chaos.  I love the chaos of life with little kids.  I’m drawn to it, I think, because it’s what feels most real about this time in a family’s life.  It can be hard to be an LYYP first timer because I definitely do not try to tame or avoid chaos in my sessions — if anything, I cultivate it.  And it can be hard for mom and dad to see, at first, that while I’m cultivating and capturing chaos, I’m also capturing real images that tell the story of what you life is like at this exact moment in time, along with beautiful family moments and authentic expressions and the genuine fun that is part of the day with babies and kids this age.  The first time I visit a family, this can be hard to see and appreciate during the process.  Once they’ve seen the images and had me back for subsequent sessions, they begin to understand and trust that it’s all there in the galleries.  To be kept and remembered.

It’s just so fun and fleeting …

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