February 12, 2018

To Remember | Westchester Family Lifestyle Photography

Guys.  This is one of my favorite photos of 2017.  I love it.  I love the colors, and the lines, and the shadows, and the sweet morning smile.  And I love that mom and dad have this to remember when curly girl would wake up smiling in her crib.  Because you know what?  She’s in a big girl bed now.  The crib is history, but they’ll always have this.  Yup, this is why I’m proud to call Westchester family lifestyle photography my game.

Westchester Family Lifestyle PhotographyThey’ll also always be able to remember how the twin big brothers would wrestle in the morning instead of getting dressed.  And how proud they each were when they mastered the monkey bars in the backyard.And how physical a snack of apples and yogurt could be during this phase of life. And how cool decor was like a part of the family.AND — not to suggest that little sister would ever steal the show (never!) — how potty training frequently meant that she’d go rogue through the house in her birthday suit.  

To remember.  THIS is why I do the Westchester family lifestyle photography thing.  I started out doing it for myself and my own memory, but … when I realized the magical powers I possessed through my camera, I became an addict.  I can’t see quitting any time soon and I am, as always, super grateful to the families that let me do it for them.

Thanks for looking,