September 14, 2017

New Client Guide | What to Expect

Hey!  I’ll bet you’re as excited as I am about my new Client Guide, right?  Well, I’ll bet you are if you’re an LYYP client.  If you’re not, I suppose there’s nothing too exciting about it.  BUT if you become an LYYP client, you’ll see just what I mean!  (Want to make that happen?  Drop me a line.).  Last week I unveiled my fancy new “Location and Timing” page, which is one of the SIX topics in the new Client Guide.  Today I’m showing you the “What to Expect” topic.  There are a lot of words on this particular page … but, well, that’s certainly something you can expect from your LYYP session — a lot of words.  I talk a lot.  Hopefully not annoyingly so, but … enough to get to know you and your people and to help put everyone at ease.  That’s the goal, anyway.  Enough words for now — click the photo below to see the new page if you like. 😉What to Expect from your Photography Session

Last week I showed you “Location and Timing.”  It’s right HERE if you missed it.

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