July 20, 2017

Moments of the Month | June 2017

In June, we went to Binghamton, NY for the HS state rugby championship and took second place.  (By we, of course, I mean Patrick and his team.  I’m not a rugger myself).  There was a class trip to Ellis Island, an eighth grade dinner dance, a junior prom and a senior prom (have you seen enough of that green dress yet?) Father’s Day, a middle school and a high school graduation, and all the celebrations that go along with those things.   I even managed to pick up my camera for a few random, everyday moments — the kind that sometimes get lost in the shuffle of June.

It was definitely a good month.

(This next photo makes me super sad, actually.  With both of my more perfomance-inclined children leaving the Pelham schools, I’m really going to miss watching them in this space.  I’ll still go, but without a McLaughlin on the stage, it won’t be the same for me).

(Kate’s graduation speech is HERE if you’d like to see.  I’m so proud, I can’t even talk about it).

Thanks for looking,