June 7, 2017

Kids at Home | Westchester Kids Photographer

There’s just something about kids at home.  As a Westchester kids photographer, I’m convinced there’s no better place to capture who they really are.  Both by themselves and in relation to the other people (and pets) in their family.

Westchester Kids Photographer

I know these kids.  I see them around town – at the schools, at their activities, as they politely pass me by around town – but you don’t really SEE them unless you see them in their own element.  That’s why I love what I do as a Westchester Kids photographer.  I get a much truer glimpse of who they really are in their homes.

I’ve also photographed them twice before — most recently HERE.  GOSH – you feel like not too much time has passed, and then you look at photos from a mere eighteen months or so ago and you realize how much changes in such a relatively short time!  These teens/preteens were LITTLE the last time I took their photos, and that pretty golden puppy?  He was TINY!  Next time, we’re gonna get dad in here. 😉

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