May 23, 2017

Pink | Westchester County Baby Photographer

I love it how unapologetically themselves babies are.  Like this one.  Mama has chosen her favorite color – pink – and has lovingly adorned her room with sweet pink flowers and pink flamingos and other wonderful pink things.  But to me, baby’s personality is much bolder and brighter than any pastel hue.  Look.  Westchester County Baby Photographer

Mom had warned me in her client questionnaire that baby might be a little shy at first.  She needn’t have worried.  On this day, anyway, baby practically met me at the door, introduced herself, and offered me a cup of coffee.  From there, she showed me around.  As sweet and friendly as she was, though, her message was clear — SHE was the boss around here and it was gonna be her way or the highway for me. 😉  Time to play.  Time to stop for a snack.  I will have my bottle HERE, thankyouverymuch.

I’m teasing, of course, but I did enjoy getting to know her strong and assertive personality during our time together – and as any past LYYP family knows, baby is the boss of all LYYP sessions anyway (so I was never really a threat ;))  We had a great time together and I hope to get the chance to work with this lovely new LYYP family again!

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Westchester County Baby Photographer