April 20, 2017

Westchester Baby Photographer | Sesame Friends

You guys, I really loved this session, and I’m about to talk way too much about it.  As a Westchester Baby Photographer, I’m pretty lucky.  I get to spend hours a week with adorable babies and sweet older siblings and happy exhausted parents who KNOW how fleeting this time is.   Sometimes, there’s a lot of wrangling and patience and persistence and distraction involved.  And it’s worth it.  But other times, like THIS time, the family is completely perfect and the baby smiles and cuddles and the big brother spends the whole time being adorable and showing you how much he loves his sister.  Yeah, this was pretty awesome.

Westchester Baby PhotographerWestchester Baby PhotographerI love that big brother is crazy about all his Sesame Street friends.  He was so proud of his Elmo shirt and socks, in which he greeted me at the door.  We listened to the Sesame Street Platinum hits, which I remember well from the approximately 11 billion times I listened to it (on cassette, I think!) back when my two big kids were small.  I still know all the words, and yes, they’re still stuck in my head several weeks later.

Oh, and baby sister.  With her sweet smile and her eyes that followed her brother everywhere.  She was the absolutely perfect baby.  Woke up happy, smiled for me, grabbed her little toes on command, and stayed consistently cute.

This does not go unnoticed by big brother.  He know his baby sister is as cute as cute can be.  He smoooothers his baby sister with love.  Not in an “I used to to rule the roost around here but now I get attention by smothering my baby sister with love” kind of way.  He genuinely thinks she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and will do anything, it seems, to make her smile and laugh.  That comes in pretty handy when you’re a Westchester baby photographer.

And!  Can we talk about the light in this family’s home?  Mom had been worried because they had just moved in a month ago.  With the new baby and work and the new place, she didn’t feel that her home was fully decorated or picture-ready.  She knows now that none of this matters — the light is beautiful and all you can see in these photos, I’d argue, is the love of a new little family of four.

I’ll stop babbling now.  I hope you enjoyed this little group of faves!

Thanks for looking,


P.S.  That last photo of the family doing their thing in two different rooms was the subject of a recent Words and Pictures installment – did you see?  That one is HERE and you can see all of them by following my Instagram and searching hashtag #lyypwordsandpictures.

P.P.S.  I just finished drafting this family’s storybook album design, and it’s gonna be awesome. 😉