March 7, 2017

Weekday Mini Sessions | 2016 Highlights

As spring dates for 2017 start to fill up, what better time to show you a few faves from my 2016 Weekday Mini Sessions?Weekday Mini SessionsWhat’s the story with Weekday Mini Sessions, you ask?  Well.  They happen at your home.  For 20 minutes or so on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  They’re fast, fun, and all-inclusive.  They tend to be pretty fast paced, but still personal, like a regular LYYP lifestyle session.  These are not ideal if your kids are super little or super shy or tentative and might need extra time to warm up and hit their groove, but they might be just the thing if you want a quick update in between full lifestyle sessions or just want to get a little taste of LYYP and see what it’s all about.

Oh, and there aren’t very many of these available, so if you think you’re interested, definitely drop me a line soon.  I’m booking spring Weekday Mini Sessions right now.  

Want to see more examples?  There are some past highlights HERE and HERE.  Lots more info HERE, too!

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