February 14, 2017

Purchase Photographer | Freeze

As I may have told you, last month I went to a super cool photography conference in Santa Barbara with NAPCP.  It’s so awesome to travel with kindred photographer spirits and work/play/learn/grow together.  We did soooo much – but one of the things we did was sit around and think/talk about WHO our clients were.  The idea is that if we figure out what our clients have in common, we can tailor our businesses to make those clients even happier and and to attract more clients that have those same things in common.

I know what my families have in common — the most important thing, anyway.  It has nothing to do with their ages or where they live or where they shop or what they do for a living.  The thing that my families have in common is that they all see the moments with their kids in multiple dimensions.  Wha?  Let me explain.  As they enjoy each moment — each giggle, each funny face, each kooky habit or favorite game or routine bedtime story or well-enjoyed mashed banana or yes, even each eye roll — they’re both enjoying it now and desperately realizing that it’s not gonna last.  So even as it happens, they want to freeze it and save it for later.  That’s what I do for them, and that’s why they like me.

If this all sounds a lot like the words I’ve been plastering all over this web domain for the last 8 or 9 years (yes, LYYP was a personal blog of my OWN photos, made of my own family with this exact same motivation before it became the home of my little business 6 years ago), well that’s no coincidence.  That’s how I experience life with my own family.  And I’ve got books and books of frozen moments that can bring me right back when I open them and page through.

So.  That little tangent was basically a lead up to a thought that occurred to me at the home of this family during my first session as their Purchase photographer.    That moment when I realize that all three of us (mom, dad and me) have made some giddy, celebratory sound at the realization of a particular moment captured during an LYYP session — that’s the moment when I know I’ve found another of my families.

Quite a lead up.  Enjoy a few faves from their session!
Purchase Photographer_0001Purchase Photographer_0004Purchase Photographer_0005Purchase Photographer_0006Purchase Photographer_0007Purchase Photographer_0008Purchase Photographer_0009Purchase Photographer_0010Purchase Photographer_0011Purchase Photographer_0012Purchase Photographer_0013Purchase Photographer_0014Purchase Photographer_0015Purchase Photographer_0016Purchase Photographer_0017Purchase Photographer_0018Purchase Photographer_0019Purchase PhotographerThanks for looking,


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