February 1, 2017

NY In Home Photographer | Where the Heart Is

Pretty much all of my photo sessions take place in the home.  Even when spring flowers are blooming or the trees outside are fully aflame with fall colors, I’d rather be inside.  (We do pop outside for a portion of the session, but rarely for more than ten or fifteen minutes).  Why?  Because inside — in your house, in your HOME — is where you all are fully yourselves. Your most relaxed.  Your silliest.  Your least self-conscious.  It’s where your heart is, and yeah, I want your heart.  So “in home” it is.  Basically, being a NY In home photographer gets me what I want. 😉NY In Home Photographer_0001NY In Home Photographer_0002NY In Home Photographer_0003NY In Home Photographer_0004NY In Home Photographer_0005NY In Home Photographer_0006NY In Home Photographer_0007NY In Home Photographer_0008NY In Home Photographer_0009NY In Home Photographer_0010NY In Home Photographer_0011NY In Home Photographer_0012NY In Home Photographer_0013NY In Home Photographer_0014NY In Home Photographer_0015NY In Home Photographer_0016That’s only part of it, of course.  The home itself is something that, to me, is 100% worth capturing.  Not the walls and decorations, necessarily.  (Or even the lack of decorations!).  Just the way you’re living at this exact moment in time.  With preschool artwork on the walls.  A big colorful tent in the living room.  Or the big chair that’s big enough to hold all of you.  Or the mess – yes, even the mess.  It’s your home, and your home is part of your story.  Just like the tiny chicklet teeth and the bat halloween costumes and the pink poufy skirts, it will change over time, and you’ll want to remember how it is right now.

I’ve photographed this gorgeous family twice before (parts of it, anyway) – once for a weekday mini and once for a Christmas Card Micro Mini.  I was so happy to get some good quality time with them in their home and to freeze this chapter of their story for them.

Thanks for looking!