February 7, 2017

Larchmont Family Photographer | Runner Up

This photo will look familiar if you’ve been following the annual 2016 LYYP Pic of the Year Contest.  You’re looking at the Runner Up!  This was my second go as this family’s Larchmont family photographer – hooray for us all that they’ve made the LYYP Hall of Fame in less than a year!  (Let’s be honest – it’s more about the acrobatics than the photography in this one ;))Larchmont Family PhotographerWe didn’t jump through hoops the whole time, of course.  As I do with most of my in-home family lifestyle sessions, we shot at home as well as at a walking-distance Larchmont hiking trail.  Sticking to these two familiar locations allowed me to capture a lot, I think, of what makes this family “them” right now.  Climbing. Running. Horsing around.  Georgie the dog jumping in the lake!  Oh, boy …. Larchmont Photographer_0002Larchmont Photographer_0003Larchmont Photographer_0004Larchmont Photographer_0005Larchmont Photographer_0006Larchmont Photographer_0007Larchmont Photographer_0008

These two brothers have as much energy as their puppy Georgie, who I met for the first time at their last session when she was just a wee one.  (Go see!)  I love getting to know them — their personalities are SO different from each other, but they compliment each other really well and get along adorably.  (Most of the time, of course — they are brothers, after all, right?)

I’m looking forward to seeing all five again next fall!

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Larchmont Family Photographer