February 6, 2017

Connecticut Photographer | Morning

I’ve been this family’s Connecticut photographer for several years now and each time I see them for photos, I swear we have more fun.  Having done the last several photo sessions in their gorgeous Connecticut home, we decided to spice things up a bit with a walk to a local Connecticut park/beach.  Everyone was there, of course – even their big and lovable Burmese mountain dog, Murphy.  (Yes, I’m quite partial to that name, and he wears it well).

We “walked” the dog.  We chased birds.  Certain members of the family chased certain others with dead horseshoe crabs.  It was fun.  And we meandered over to the playground and ended it all with some funny faces and a trip to Dunkin Donuts before school.  Sounds fun, right?  It was.
Connecticut Photographer_0001Connecticut Photographer_0002Connecticut Photographer_0003Connecticut Photographer_0004Connecticut Photographer_0005Connecticut Photographer_0006Connecticut Photographer_0007Connecticut PhotographerConnecticut Photographer_0009Connecticut PhotographerConnecticut Photographer_0011Connecticut Photographer_0012Connecticut Photographer_0013Connecticut Photographer_0014Some of my favorite LYYP photos ever have come from this Connecticut family – you can browse back through their past family sessions by starting HERE.

It’s accountability time, LYYP friends.  I’ve mentioned here and there that I’m waaaay behind in sharing some of the great sessions I had toward the end of last year.  Well, they’re not gonna blog themselves, and since I am ALL about letting these awesome memories and moments be SEEN, you will now be seeing them here.  Which means this blog is going to be hopping!  Stop by often, and if you don’t see something new and inspiring, do call me on it!

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