January 6, 2017

Why I Don’t Pose Families | Family Photography in NY

I’ve been photographing these little pumpkins since big brother was born.  (That was right after Hurricane Sandy, and boy, does he have a birth story to tell when he gets older!)  Their last session is HERE and you can click back and see more if you like.

This week, I sent out an end-of year questionnaire to my 2016 clients — I always am looking for ways to make the LYYP experience better, you know.  Something I heard back in an answer to the “tell me what I did right” question was this :  “I … really enjoy the way you pop in and out at a session. You always seem to know the right times to step in and help direct, and when to just step back and snap the moments already happening.”  Cool.  I want a word that neatly describes THIS when I’m explaining what kind of photography I do.  I love capturing truly spontaneous moments, but I’m not just going to creep around the edges of your house and ‘spy’ on you with my camera the whole time.  I don’t pose families — I’m not interested in giving you photos of how I want you to look.  I want you to look like yourselves!  But I do pop in and out of the ‘director’ role, because well, I know that you DO want photos of your kids and your family smiling.  And I can make you smile.  Sometimes at me, sometimes at each other.  Not because I’m telling you to smile, you see (that would be fake), but because something I’ve said or done or that one of you has said or done at my direction has made you smile for REAL.

Why?  Because doing it this way gets me (and you) these kinds of photos.pumpkins_0001pumpkins_0002pumpkins_0003pumpkins_0004pumpkins_0005pumpkins_0006pumpkins_0007pumpkins_0008pumpkins_0009pumpkins_0010pumpkins_0011pumpkins_0012pumpkins_0013pumpkins_0014pumpkins_0015pumpkins_0016

Yup, that’s why I don’t pose.

(Are you a 2016 LYYP client?  Have you looked at my (super duper short) questionnaire?  It’s in your email.  Go have a look.  Tell me what you like and what could be better.  Pretty please???)

Thanks for looking,