November 2, 2016

Dolly Loves Her Brother | Family Photography in Rye

This is a new LYYP family. (Well, other than their Christmas Card Micro Mini Session from last year, that is. My favorite of them from that day is HERE). It was on that day that I noticed that little sister has the exact proportions as a doll.  Great big eyes, compact little arms and legs, and looooooong luxurious hair.  On such a little person!  I nicknamed her Dolly while I was editing.  😉  I also noticed that day that she absolutely adores her big brother.  And HE is just so serious and protective and big-brotherly, it’d break your heart.  Look at these few favorites from their session and you can just see their connection, am I right?family-photography-in-rye_0000family-photography-in-rye_0001family-photography-in-rye_0002family-photography-in-rye_0003family-photography-in-rye_0004family-photography-in-rye_0005family-photography-in-rye_0006family-photography-in-rye_0007family-photography-in-rye_0008family-photography-in-rye_0009family-photography-in-rye_0010family-photography-in-rye_0011family-photography-in-rye_0012family-photography-in-rye_0013family-photography-in-rye_0014family-photography-in-rye_0015family-photography-in-rye_0016family-photography-in-rye_0017family-photography-in-rye_0018family-photography-in-rye_0019family-photography-in-rye_0020family-photography-in-rye_0021family-photography-in-rye_0022family-photography-in-rye_0023family-photography-in-rye_0024

See?  I had a lovely morning with their family back in September.  Saw their rooms, played with them in their awesome playroom and backyard, and had the pleasure of watching their connections with each other and with mom and dad.

If you’re looking for family photography in Rye and this looks like fun to you, I just might be the girl for you.  Drop me a line!

Thanks for looking,