October 5, 2016

Product Spotlight | The LYYP Slideshow

I’ve always enjoyed making slideshows of photos.  Used to be I’d make them and watch them for the first time at clients’ ordering sessions (sneaking a sideways glance as we watched to see if any tears were shed — score!)   Since the beginning of this year, I’ve started sending the slideshows as my clients’ preview — their first look at their images.  The response to this new practice has been pretty overwhelmingly positive.  The truth is that if I’ve done my job, the photos tell a story, and this is a great way to see the story.  I sent this one out today, but not before watching it myself three times.  Yes, three times.  I really, really enjoy them.  (You think I’m kidding!)

The LYYP slideshow comes with every digital package. You want one of your very own, don’t you?

Thanks for looking,