October 17, 2016

A Victorian Filled with Character | In Home Photography

When I get pushy about in home photography — shooting your story in and around your home as opposed to at some public park — it’s not because I love the challenge of low light situations.  (I kinda do, but that’s not the reason).  It’s because when I think about how how my clients will value the photographs I take of them, I’m thinking about it from a perspective 10 or 20 or 30 years in the future.  I imagine parents — and grown kids — looking at their photos from a completely different place in their lives.  A place where there are no longer big pink flowers painted by dad on their bedroom walls.  No longer rooms called “the playroom.”  No more cribs.  No more pre-school art on the walls.  These photos will be the memories these kids have of their childhoods — and I want all that “home” stuff to be part of their memories.  I think they want it, too — I just have to explain it to them sometimes. 😉in-home-photography_0001in-home-photography_0002in-home-photography_0003in-home-photography_0004in-home-photography_0005in-home-photography_0006in-home-photography_0007in-home-photography_0008in-home-photography_0009in-home-photography_0010in-home-photography_0011in-home-photography_0012in-home-photography_0013in-home-photography_0014in-home-photography_0015in-home-photography_0016in-home-photography_0017in-home-photography_0018in-home-photography_0019in-home-photography_0020in-home-photography_0021in-home-photography_0022

This old Victorian across from the park has so much character – so many little colorful details.  This family, with their artist father, has added even more personal color throughout their home, and the personalities of the family member themselves just complete the picture.  (I won’t even get into how that littlest character had us all laughing hysterically through the session with her antics — talk about a colorful personality!  And watching the three kids together was truly heartwarming).

If this family and their home look familiar, it’s because you’ve seen them all before in the blog post from their last in home photography session when baby sister was born, and I trot out big sister’s room all the time to help me illustrate WHY in home photography is my favorite, favorite kind.

Thanks for looking!