August 29, 2016

Princess Mona | Bronxville Family Photographer

Oh my gosh, what a fun morning this was.  You know the kind of kid who giggles so much that you can’t help but just giggle along with them?  Well, this family has two of them.  They were dancing around the living room in their pj’s when I arrived, and the fun continued from there.  Bronxville Family Photographer_0003Bronxville Family Photographer_0004Bronxville Family Photographer_0005Bronxville Family Photographer_0006Bronxville Family Photographer_0007Bronxville Family Photographer_0008Bronxville Family Photographer_0009Bronxville Family Photographer_0010Bronxville Family Photographer_0011Bronxville Family Photographer_0012Bronxville Family Photographer_0013Bronxville Family Photographer_0014Bronxville Family Photographer_0015Bronxville Family Photographer_0016Bronxville Family Photographer_0017Bronxville Family Photographer_0018Bronxville Family Photographer_0019

Things can get super silly as a Bronxville family photographer with a gang like this, but Mom knew just what to do to help me bring things down a notch and capture some quieter moments.  They all piled up on the bed and Mom told a “Princess Mona” story – the boys were completely entranced as she spun the tale, asking the boys to fill in certain details.  (Which bad guy showed up just then?!?)  What an incredible memory for the whole family …

This family was an LYYP first timer, other than their Christmas Card Micro Mini Session last fall — and truly, I knew back then that their lifestyle session was going to be a ball.  (SEE how infectious their smiles are?)  Speaking of Christmas Card Micro Mini Sessions, details of this special event for 2016 will be coming out soon!  And families who have already booked their 2017 sessions will hear about it first.  Wanna talk about it?  Drop me a line!

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Bronxville Family Photographer – Remember this was beautiful.