August 20, 2016

Those Almost-Summer Nights

There’s a very particular energy associated with a late June evening, just a few days before school lets out.Almost Summer Nights_0001Almost Summer Nights_0002Almost Summer Nights_0003Almost Summer Nights_0004Almost Summer Nights_0005Almost Summer Nights_0006Almost Summer Nights_0007Almost Summer Nights_0008Almost Summer Nights_0009Almost Summer Nights_0010Almost Summer Nights_0011Almost Summer Nights_0012Almost Summer Nights_0013Almost Summer Nights_0014Almost Summer Nights_0015Almost Summer Nights_0016Almost Summer Nights_0017Almost Summer Nights_0018Almost Summer Nights_0019Almost Summer Nights_0020

These guys were LYYP first timers.  The school-is-almost-out/summer-is-almost-here excitement was palpable as we moved around their home getting to know each other and discovering each family member’s favorite things.  It was when we went outside to the backyard, however, that the full-on summer energy exploded.  Dancing, lacrosse, gymnastics, unbelievable trampolining and some old-fashioned family tickles and cuddles put everyone in a giddy mood and we had lots of fun.

I’m holding one favorite from this session back from you because it’s got a prominent spot on the home page of my BRAND NEW LYYP website.  (Just building suspense, you know).  The new site launches next week and I really can’t wait for you all to see!  There’s more to look forward to than just a new look for LYYP, though (as if that wasn’t enough!).  To celebrate the launch (the culmination of an entire summer of hard, hard work, just sayin’), I’m going to be holding a giveaway right here on the LYYP blog.  So what I’m saying is …. stay tuned!  Check back regularly for launch and giveaway details!  And if you want me to notify you when the site has gone live, just sign up for the LYYP newsletter and I’ll drop that info right into your inbox!  (I only send these once a month, so there’s no need to worry about cluttering up your inbox, really).

And now, I’ll let you get back to your quiet August morning (which, of course, has an entirely different kind of energy than that of a late-June afternoon).  Enjoy it! 😉

Thanks for looking,