June 28, 2016

Imagination | Westchester Kids Photographer

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.” ~ Albert EinsteinWestchester Kids Photographer_0001Westchester Kids Photographer_0002Westchester Kids Photographer_0005Westchester Kids Photographer_0008Westchester Kids Photographer_0006Westchester Kids Photographer_0007
Westchester Kids Photographer_0009Westchester Kids Photographer_0010Westchester Kids Photographer_0011Westchester Kids Photographer_0012Westchester Kids Photographer_0013Westchester Kids Photographer_0014Westchester Kids Photographer_0015Westchester Kids Photographer_0016Westchester Kids Photographer_0017Westchester Kids Photographer_0018Westchester Kids Photographer_0019Westchester Kids Photographer_0020Westchester Kids Photographer_0021We went to China to meet a Cheetah, we fed him vanilla cookies with vanilla frosting, we blew bubbles, had a birthday party for a baby lamb, kicked a ball around, swung on a swing, jumped on the bed, dressed up like a baby princess, drew a rainbow, had a game of flying trains and a game of telephone and played with the family pooch. All before breakfast.

Have you ever really imagined what it’s like to be inside the mind of a three year old?  I have.  Let me tell you — it’s exhausting.  I had a lovely morning with this little girl, her parents and her pooch one day last month.  She welcomed me into her games from the get-go.  It almost feels wrong to call them games, though.  She was intensely serious about all the activities she included me in that morning – as she is, I suspect, with most things.  I think that comes through in the photos. These are just a few faves …. (there are a few more favorites HERE and HERE, if you missed them).

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