March 11, 2016

New Kid | Westchester New York Documentary Newborn Photographer

I’ll be honest — I’ve been dreading blogging this Westchester New York documentary newborn photographer session.  Not because I don’t love it.  It’s because I DO love it, actually.  I knew it would be painful to narrow down this blog post to just a reasonable number of  favorites.  It was painful, and I pretty much failed if you’re going to be strict about the “reasonable number” aspect.  But can you blame me?

My goal with every session is to tell the story of what your family’s life is like right now.  In this story, baby number three — the first boy — has just come home.  He’s exactly one week old.  The family he has just become a part of is colorful and full of life, and full of different personalities.  To me, it’s about much more than showing the his future self what he looked like on this day in late February.  It’s about looking at the family at this time.  Capturing each personality.  Each member’s reaction to and interaction with the newest addition.  What they did for fun.  How they coped with the newness and the chaos.  And how they made him a part of it all.

Anyway, I’m going to stop babbling about it — I could talk all day about oldest sister’s quieter approach, tender and reserved — and about middle sister’s zest and enthusiasm and passion — and even the dog’s careful observation from the edges — and I’m going to just show you.  You’ll forgive the overshare, right?

Documentary Family Photographer_0019

Documentary Family Photographer_0001 Documentary Family Photographer_0002 Documentary Family Photographer_0003 Documentary Family Photographer_0004 Documentary Family Photographer_0005Documentary Family Photographer_0028 Documentary Family Photographer_0006 Documentary Family Photographer_0007 Documentary Family Photographer_0008 Documentary Family Photographer_0009Documentary Family Photographer_0021 Documentary Family Photographer_0010 Documentary Family Photographer_0011Documentary Family Photographer_0022 Documentary Family Photographer_0012 Documentary Family Photographer_0013 Documentary Family Photographer_0014 Documentary Family Photographer_0015 Documentary Family Photographer_0016 Documentary Family Photographer_0017 Documentary Family Photographer_0018 Documentary Family Photographer_0020Documentary Family Photographer_0023

Documentary Family Photographer_0024 Documentary Family Photographer_0025 Documentary Family Photographer_0026 Documentary Family Photographer_0027
Documentary Family Photographer_0029 Documentary Family Photographer_0030

Such memories!

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Westchester New York Documentary Newborn Photographer