December 27, 2015

The Calm After the Storm | Christmas Card Micro Mini Sessions 2015

The stockings have been hung.  The envelopes have been stamped.  The pie has been eaten.  The bags and bags of wrapping paper have been tied up.  And the needles are starting to fall off the tree.  What better time than now to pack up some of our new clothes, load up the car and take a road trip?

LYYP will be closed for this week, so please excuse any slight delay in responding to inquiries or emails.  While I’m gone, please enjoy these festive highlights from the LYYP 2015 Christmas Card Micro Mini Sessions.  Big thanks again to Christ Church and Lieb’s Nursery for sharing their beautiful spaces!

Micro Mini Sessions_0001 Micro Mini Sessions_0002

All these kids were stellar performers during our frenetic and free ten minute sessions last month, and their beautiful faces have landed in mailboxes all over the world with festive holiday greetings.  I look forward to seeing them all for their LYYP lifestyle sessions in 2016.

When I return, I’ll be hitting the ground running almost immediately with a few cuddly newborns, some new ideas, a fun contest and LOTS of 2015 sessions still to share here.  In the meantime, I hope you all will enjoy the calm after the storm.

Thanks for looking,

~ Jaye