November 10, 2015

It’s beginning to look a lot like … | Holiday Card Options from LYYP

Christmas card time!  Or holiday card time!  Whatever you celebrate, I know you’re not spending precious energy worrying about things like coffee cups and mall displays (sheesh!) — you’ve got a card to plan, purchase, address and send out to 300 of your family and closest friends!

Because you’re super smart and booked your LYYP session months ago when everyone else was still shaking sand out of their shoes, you’ve got (or will soon have!) an awesome image chosen for your holiday card.  But … what’s next?

The options for photo cards these days are abundant — overwhelming, even.  But I’m here to help — I’ve culled down the holiday card options to two online storefronts that take care of you with great, festive designs (and discount codes!).   AND, new this year, I’ve got someone to tell you about who just might be the answer to your “oh, Lordy, I just can’t decipher all these options” prayers — so be sure to read this post until the end.

  • Tiny Prints:   Many of you took advantage of the special 40% discount that was offered to LYYP clients by Tiny Prints last year.  And Tiny Prints was paying attention, because they’ve done it again — they sent me a new batch of 40% off codes this year.  Want one?  Drop me a line and I’ll happily send one your way.  You can see the LYYP Tiny Prints Storefront HERE.  Be sure to note in the “Instructions” section of your order that you’d like The Life in Your Years Photography’s photo credit printed on the back of the card.
  • Minted:  For all you Minted fans, you can access the LYYP Minted Storefront HERE — Check out, especially, the designs by Pelham’s own Kimberly FitzSimons, an LYYP client whose recent session you can see HERE.  Minted is running a 20 % off sale on their cards until November 16th, so hurry on up if this is your printer of choice.  Again, please note in the “Instructions” section of your order that you’d like The Life in Your Years Photography’s photo credit printed on the back of the card.  I get a real kick out of imagining your cards being pulled out of mailboxes all over the world and people smiling at the photo, then looking at the back and seeing the name of MY business.  To each his own — that’s just something I think is really cool.
  • Kensington Paper!: I totally get it when people ask me, with pleading eyes, if I design holiday cards.  (“Please?”, their eyes implore, would you please take this overwhelming and time consuming task off my plate?)  Many of you LYYP veterans remember a time when Nina used to happily handle this aspect of the holidays for you.  She’d mine your gallery for the perfect shot(s), design a gorgeous layout and some clever copy and BOOM, like magic, the perfect Christmas card would appear.  Nina moved on to bigger and better things and until recently, I had nobody new to suggest for you.  Well, that sad era is over because I can now introduce to you Ann Marie, Ivonne and Paisley at Kensington Paper!  Ivonne was introduced to me by another LYYP client and when I heard about the tremendous service the ladies at Kensington Paper  provided and then saw the gorgeous designs they offer at the store and online, I knew that we were a match made in heaven.  Seriously — go see them or drop them a line.  I’m positive you’ll be happy with the results.  Add to that wonderfulness the fact that shopping at Kensington Paper (in Bronxville, and owned by two Pelham gals) is shopping local, and you’ve got a win-win-win situation right there.


And that’s all, folks.  I’ll continue to edit this post as I learn more about super sales and opportunities that’ll make your Christmas Card experience one of the easiest things on your list.  And since it doesn’t feel right to have a blog post without a photo, here’s my card from last year:

Westchester Family Photographer_0028

Be creative, have fun, and don’t forget to put ME on your list!

Ho, ho ho!