June 12, 2015

Boys|Family Photography Westchester NY

A few favorites from a recent session with two fun little boys and their parents.  This photo should look pretty familiar to you — I love it so much, I’ve already plastered it all over my website.  (Oh, and it was featured on Let the Kids Dress Themselves, too!)  As I mentioned when I shared it on Facebook, I love these kinds of photos.  In the blink of an eye, that bouncy horse will be gone and that little nook will be completely filled by two big teenage boy bodies.  Family Photography Westchester NY

The bamboo in their backyard was so cool — made me feel like we were holding our session in a jungle!Family Photography Westchester NY Westchester Childrens Photographer_0028

I love their newly painted bright red front door.Family Photography Westchester NY Westchester Childrens Photographer_0030 Westchester Childrens Photographer_0031 Westchester Childrens Photographer_0032 Westchester Childrens Photographer_0033 Westchester Childrens Photographer_0034

After getting our fill of outdoor giggles, we headed inside.  You know I love seeing kiddos in their own rooms.  In addition to getting photos that will provide an anchor for the memories they’ll have of their “little boy” rooms, the time in their rooms really helps bring out their true selves and gets them comfortable enough to do what they normally do.  Like Pokemon cards, for example.  And wrestling.Westchester Childrens Photographer_0035 Family Photography Westchester NY Westchester Childrens Photographer_0037 Westchester Childrens Photographer_0038 Family Photography Westchester NY Westchester Childrens Photographer_0041 Westchester Childrens Photographer_0042 Family Photography Westchester NYThere’s one more favorite from the morning HERE.  (And a quick story about that one — when mom first saw it, she wasn’t crazy about it.  “I’m making such a weird face,” she told me at her ordering session.  But Dad and big brother immediately chimed in — “You make that face ALL the time!” they told her.  And THAT made me love the photo even more.  The face mom makes when she’s goofing around with the boys in the backyard.  Which she’s never actually seen, of course, because why would she make that face at herself in the mirror?  She wouldn’t.  But her boys have seen it, and now they have it in their storybook album to look at whenever they want, forever and ever.  Yay!)

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Family Photography Westchester NY