March 11, 2015

Something Pink |Irvington Newborn Photographer

There’s something extra special about the arrival of something sweet and pink into a previously blue-dominated family dynamic.  When I became this family’s Irvington Newborn Photographer late last fall (my LAST lifestyle session of 2014!), I was lucky enough to get a glimpse if the evolution of a new family.  This baby girl has the sweetest little feminine features that were just perfect for the job of their transformation!Irvington Newborn Photographer_0001

She has two big brothers, and I think a baby sister is just what they needed to start nurturing their sweet sides. Irvington Newborn Photographer_0002 Irvington Newborn Photographer_0003

I am always sure to give big siblings time on their own to be their rambunctious, silly selves, too (outside of striking distance of the newest arrival, of course).  To me, the story of who big brothers were when baby came home is just as much a part of the family’s story as anything else that goes on during those first foggy weeks.  And I’ve heard that the one-on-one play time with me as solitary stars is a great way to help big siblings adjust to the change during a time when baby’s getting an awful lot of attention.Irvington Newborn Photographer_0004

Getting abundant snuggles with mommy is also a good way to help with the transition. 😉

Irvington Newborn Photographer_0005 Irvington Newborn Photographer_0006 Irvington Newborn Photographer_0007 Irvington Newborn Photographer_0008Still belly-shaped!

Irvington Newborn Photographer_0009 Irvington Newborn Photographer_0010You’ll remember a favorite I shared from this newborn session HERE.  I can’t wait to see how these kiddos have changed when I next see this family in the fall of 2015!

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Irvington Newborn Photographer