March 23, 2015

It’s not about the pancakes | Scarsdale Family Photographer

With four ‘big’ kids of my own, each of whom sometimes seems to be in competition with the others for who can grow up the fastest, I think I bring a specific perspective to my ‘little kid’ family sessions.  I know how fast these early years go, and I have an eye for the kinds of things that I know mom and dad will miss about these years when they’re gone and replaced by some big-kid equivalent.  It’s the little things, really — the normal, ordinary things. The way big sister always wakes up in a good mood, surrounded in her big girl bed by the books she fell asleep reading to her “friends” the night before.  The love for her “baboo” (her blanket).  And yeah, the bed head.  With chunky, delicious babies, it tends to be more straightforward.  It’s the rolls.  And the dimples.  And the chubb.  More tangible, but just as fleeting.

What a delightful morning I spent recently with this sweet new LYYP family.  After capturing the happy ‘wake up’ rituals of big sis, we wandered downstairs where she proudly introduced me to her baby sister.  The way little sister followed her big sister around the house so adoringly with her eyes offered an early hint of their future relationship. The business of breakfast then commenced.  As cute as big sister’s enthusiasm for mixing the pancakes was, it was topped by the expression on her face — equal parts mischief and wonder — when she realized that mommy was not going to stop her from playing fingerpaints with the little bit of batter that had spilled on the countertop.  Whoever this photographer lady is, she seemed to be thinking, she was thrilled with the effect my presence was having on her morning!

It’s not about the pancakes, of course (or the books or the walk or the board game or the dance party, or whatever it is we may end up doing during my time with each family I photograph).  It’s about  creating a comfortable, fun and (somewhat) ordinary situation in which each family member can be themselves.  Cultivating the kinds of ordinary moments that define these years in each family’s life, so that I can freeze them, and give them to you.  For keeps.

February 2015 Moments of the Month_0021February 2015 Moments of the Month_0022February 2015 Moments of the Month_0023February 2015 Moments of the Month_0024February 2015 Moments of the Month_0025Scarsdale Family PhotographerScarsdale Family Photographer_0001Scarsdale Family Photographer_0013 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0002 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0003 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0004

Meanwhile, I have reached my own solid definition of the perfect baby physique.  When the baby legs are so chubby that the little tiny feet seem to come to a point,  you have perfection.Scarsdale Family Photographer_0005 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0006 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0008 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0009 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0010 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0011 Scarsdale Family Photographer_0012

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are.  Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart.  Let me not pass you by in quest for some rare and perfect tomorrow.  Let me hold you while I may, for it may not always be so.” ~ Mary Jean Irion

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Scarsdale Family Photographer

P.S.  Did you see the storybook album spread I shared a while back?  I loooooved their books so much, I actually felt sad when I shipped them off to this family this morning.  But I can’t wait to hear their reaction when they see!