March 17, 2015

Forty Shades of Green | Words and Pictures

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Happy  St. Patrick’s Day!

Today, I’m grateful for the wonderful memories I have of our trip to Ireland last summer.  (Did you see the photos?  Garsh — don’t miss them!)  I’m also deeply thankful for the heritage I share with so many good people, and for the relationships we’re lucky enough to have because of that shared heritage.

We love traveling with our kids.  Much, much more than any snapshots we might take of a sandy beach or a famous landmark, I feel that traveling to different places gives them a perspective on life and the millions of other people in our world that you simply can’t learn in books.  Through many of our trips (Ireland included, of course!), we’ve also been able to develop real relationships with relatives — both distant and not so distant — that have enriched our lives and have made the stories we hear of great grandparents’ travels to the new world SO much more real.

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