February 11, 2015

Welcome Home, Baby | Westchester Baby Photographer

There’s definitely something fun about visiting with a family whose new baby has had the benefit of being settled in for a few weeks.  This little guy was five weeks old when I met him.  Can you believe those wide open eyes?  And that SMILE?  Five weeks!New Baby_0001 New Baby_0002 New Baby_0003 New Baby_0004 New Baby_0005 New Baby_0006 New Baby_0007 New Baby_0008 New Baby_0009 New Baby_0010 New Baby_0011 New Baby022-2

I love being able to document what’s going on in the home/family as new baby settles in, as well.  How big brother’s adjusting (great!), the way dad plays with big brother when they’re not oohing and aaahing over baby bro, and all that.  Personally, I think it would be really cool  to have this kind of glimpse into the past — a peek into what the world looked like when I was brand new.

Can’t wait to see how these boys have grown at their next session!

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Westchester Baby Photographer