January 13, 2015

To Be Two | Westchester Family Photographer

This session was mostly about baby brother — you know, the new guy.  Big brother was there, of course, ready with a smile that could knock your socks right off.  I mean, have you ever seen such a smile?   (Imagine baby brother’s smile with teeth and you can imagine a similar level of enthusiasm, right?)

Westchester Family Photographer_0001

Big brother is crazy about his baby brother.  Loves to cuddle with him in the crib, tell secrets and flash that contagious smile at him.  Westchester Family Photographer_0004

Westchester Family Photographer_0002 Westchester Family Photographer_0003
Westchester Family Photographer_0005 Westchester Family Photographer_0006 Westchester Family Photographer_0007 Westchester Family Photographer_0008

The thing about being two, though, is that things can — and do — change on a dime.  All of a sudden, big brother was NOT happy.  That should be something I’m sorry about, right?  I mean, when you browse through my site, I’d say happiness is more of a theme than, say, catastrophic despair.  BUT.  Somehow, the post- toddler crash photos of this family are my faves from this session.  The open mouthed howl of this next one (can’t you just HEAR it?) and … Westchester Family Photographer_0013

… this moment.  We had decided that dad should take big brother outside for a little “reset” and mom and I would spend some time inside with baby brother.  I glanced out the window at one point and saw dad leading big brother in this adorable dance that turned his mood right around.  Favorite, favorite, favorite!Westchester Family Photographer_0014
Meanwhile, mom had some special time with baby inside.  
Westchester Family Photographer_0010 Westchester Family Photographer_0011

Of course, these mood swings are highly exhausting, which was also convenient — I loved seeing the “low energy” side of both brothers as well.

Westchester Family Photographer_0012

It’s the story of their life right now as the parents of two little boys — both babies, really.  It’s certainly not boring, and definitely not easy.  But there it is.

Loved being their Westchester Family Photographer!

Thanks for looking…