November 29, 2014

Moments of the Month | October 2014

Just in the nick of time, I’ve got my October Moments of the Month post for you.  I’ll bet if I looked, I’d confirm my belief that all of the October Moments posts I’ve done in the last four years have been done juuuust under the wire.  I’m not gonna look, though — I don’t have time.  (I once saw a little graphic saying “October is to photographers what April is to accountants.”  Truer words were never spoken).

Anyway, October was a spectacular month.  My littlest guy — the baby of our family — turned seven years old.  Which is hard to comprehend.   For all of us, I think — even him.  His birth order is very much a part of his personality.  Or maybe the personality came first, and the birth order part is just a coincidence — who knows.  By this I don’t mean that he’s spoiled at all, or even babyish.  It’s just that he basks in the love and attention of his older siblings, and of his parents, who are acutely aware from lightning-speed progression of the childhoods of the first three, of how fast this goes.  A perfect example of this is what I think he would say was the BEST aspect of having a birthday.  No kid doesn’t like parties or presents, but it was 100% obvious that the BEST part of his birthday was not the presents or parties themselves, but his own observation and awareness that his big brothers and sister thought the party and the presents were super cool.  He watched them playing with his new stuff with such excitement and pride — it was awesome.

Oh, and Halloween!  A banana, a “bootylicious giraffe”  (I just have no idea …), and  two teenagers who donned scary masks and ran off with their friends.  It’s still fun, but in a different way.

Other October fun included very successful soccer, rugby and forensic seasons, and a great photography feather in my cap as well.  Great gatherings with old friends from a playgroup from fifteen years ago, with law school friends, and with cousins, and with local friends.  A fun “wine making” party in Rockaway.  An eighteenth wedding anniversary.  An inspiring photography workshop in Brooklyn and a conference at the Jacob Javits center.  All good things.

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