October 17, 2014

Integration | Westchester NY Family Photographer

I’ve been taking this family’s photos since this little one was brand new.  (You can browse through their past sessions HERE).Westchester NY Family Photographer_0001 And I’ve had the pleasure of watching this little guy grow from a toddler to a kindergartener.Westchester NY Family Photographer_0002

We did this little guys’ newborn session just a few months back.  Now that he’s starting to have a personality of his own (and a jolly personality it is), it’s SO SWEET to see how the two big siblings are making him a part of their little worlds …
Westchester NY Family Photographer_0003

… and just to generally hang out with this super fun family in and around their house on a weekday morning.
Westchester NY Family Photographer_0004 Westchester NY Family Photographer_0005Westchester NY Family Photographer_0010
Westchester NY Family Photographer_0008
Westchester NY Family Photographer_0006 Westchester NY Family Photographer_0009

Seriously — a really good time.

If you missed it, the doughy baby thighs and BACK ROLLS that are hidden in most of this photos are visible in all their glory HERE.

If this looks like fun to you, too, and you’re looking for a Westchester NY family photographer, then I just might be the girl for you!  Drop me a line…

And thanks for looking!