April 21, 2014

The Chubb | Westchester Baby Photographer

How can I be sad looking at these pictures?

Westchester Baby_0002 Westchester Baby_0003

OK, I’ll tell you how — this sweet baby, with her doughy legs and rolly belly and jolly face, is moving away from here.  And she’s taking her cute family with her.

Westchester Baby_0004

You understand now, right?

Westchester Baby_0006 Westchester Baby_0007 Westchester Baby_0008

Westchester Baby_0009 Westchester Baby_0010 Westchester Baby_0011

As I’m looking at them, though, I can’t keep the smile off my face for long.  The cuteness is overwhelming.  The CHUBB is overwhelming.  And I have to smile.

Westchester Baby_0012 Westchester Baby_0013 Westchester Baby_0014 Westchester Baby_0015 Westchester Baby_0016 Westchester Baby_0017 Westchester Baby_0018 Westchester Baby_0019 Westchester Baby_0020 Westchester Baby_0021Thanks for looking!