January 20, 2014

A Present for YOU!

Happy Monday! Happy January!  Happy MLK Day!  Happy first day over forty degrees in too many days!  It’s time for PRESENTS!


Do you know HONY?  If you don’t, that’s your present right there.  I have hereby introduced you to a place where a guy takes photos of some of the most interesting people in New York City, and then pulls something from them that you may or may not have guessed about that person — a little piece of their soul, sometimes — and posts it on his website (and Facebook and Instagram) for all to enjoy.  It’s a gorgeous pairing of words and pictures that challenges you to look past what people show to the world, and to recognize the humanity and vulnerability in everyone.  Everyone’s got a story, but you can’t always see it at first glance.  I’m telling you — you’re going to love it.

And oh, he published a book!  A beauty of a book that was the PERFECT Christmas gift for a photo/word junkie like me.  So much so that two of my wonderful gift-giving loved ones gave it to me for Christmas.  So, I’ve got one extra, and I want to give it to you.  The thought of giving it to only ONE of you doesn’t feel right, though.  A little unsatisfying.  So, one of you will get this one, and two others will get a copy sent straight from Amazon to your doorstep, wherever you are.

How do you become one of the three?  It’s easy — here’s the deal.  I’m going to be sending out my LYYP January newsletter on Wednesday morning at about 10am.  If you already subscribe to my newsletter, all you’ve got to do is read that email and look for THE SECRET WORD.  It’ll be hanging out in one of the paragraphs of the newsletter, and it’ll be obvious which one it is — I’m not in the business of confusing people, I promise.  The first three people to FIND the word and contact me — either by email, Facebook, phone, whatever — gets a HONY book.  Easy peasy!

If you’re not already on my subscriber list, you’ve got an extra step you’ve got to do.  Scroll on up to the top right of this website and click on the little blue “subscribe” button to get yourself on the list.  That’ll ensure that the newsletter shows up in your inbox on Wednesday morning.  If you don’t get the newsletter, you won’t be able to find the secret word and you can’t possibly win.  So GO!  Off with you!  Do it now!

I love games … and presents…. This is fun!