November 19, 2013

Football in the Park | NY Family Photographer

Oh, Lordy — it must be mid-November, because this poor blog is being neglected!  (The LYYP Facebook page is hopping, though.  Have you been over there?  Whew!)

It’s getting to be that time of year when I start looking forward to the stillness of January, even though I know full well that when January hits, my shutter finger will be twitching and I’ll be yearning for more client session action.  (Hey, at least I get myself).  Yep, things are really busy behind the scenes here at LYYP.  A few more sessions to edit, lots and lots of storybook albums to design, orders to prepare and package, and so on and so forth.  I do love it all, I’m not gonna lie.  But the blog, I guess, has to suffer.

Not TODAY, though!  Today, the blog gets to see an adorable family playing a fun game of football in the park.  Lucky blog!

Enjoy …

NY Family Photographer_001 NY Family Photographer_002 NY Family Photographer_003football-101 NY Family Photographer_004 NY Family Photographer_005 NY Family Photographer_006 NY Family Photographer_007 NY Family Photographer_008 NY Family Photographer_009 NY Family Photographer_010 NY Family Photographer_011Football-100 NY Family Photographer_013 NY Family Photographer_014 NY Family Photographer_015 NY Family Photographer_016 NY Family Photographer_017 NY Family Photographer_018

(Oh, and you didn’t miss THIS ONE, did you?  I posted it on his birthday, without even knowing it was his birthday.  I swear, I’m just a little bit psychic).

Thanks for looking!