August 1, 2013

So … About those Mini Sessions …

Remember on Facebook, when I told you that my 2013 Holiday Mini Session were going to be announced to newsletter subscribers today, and that you shouldn’t wait because they’d be gone before you knew it?  Well, they were (announced today) — and they did (go before you knew it).  Nine mini session slots on November 2nd were gone before 11:00 this morning.  I thought I’d tell you — it seemed kind of weird not to  say ANYTHING about it here — especially since I also promised that I’d post the full details here once the newsletter subscribers had their crack at the time slots.  So, um, sorry about that!

2013 Holiday minis

I do still have availability for full lifestyle sessions in October and November.  These are really fun — be sure to drop me a line if you’d like to book!  (And if you don’t want to miss future announcements, feel free to “subscribe” using the button above!)