August 9, 2013

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All of the dreams I have of my childhood take place in the house in Brooklyn where I spent most of my first 17 years.  (Well, most of them do.  I’m occasionally at my grandmother’s house, or driving an ice-cream truck, or in some other wonderful, fantastical setting).  It’s not far away, this house, and I sometimes drive by the outside and wonder if the rooms inside actually look like they do in my dreams — minus the wood paneling and shag carpeting, of course … although you never know.   With dreams, as with memories, the setting is really important.  I think this is one of the reasons I particularly love doing lifestyle sessions in people’s homes.  To me, taking the main characters out of their true setting and plopping them in some random park is kind of like stripping away one of the most important elements of their story.

This family of five is moving.  They have lived in a two bedroom apartment in a great neighborhood of Brooklyn for as long as their little ones remember.  It’s more than the rooms inside that mom wants to remember, of course — the way they have lived in this living room, kitchen and two bedrooms is only part of the story.  There is also the courtyard — both visible and accessible through the living room windows — and the rooftop deck.  And of course, the people — this home has been a community to them, and one they’ll miss terribly.   They have grown out of the space, though, and have since sold the apartment and are packing up to move on to bigger digs.  I’m so glad — and I know that mom is, too — that these kids will have these photos to help add the details they’ll miss when they dream of early years of their childhood.

(Don’t miss my absolute favorite from this session, HERE).
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My own family has suffered a loss this week.  We lost a great man yesterday — my husband’s father, my babies’ Poppa.  I hope you’ll excuse a certain amount of radio silence in these LYYP spaces while we say goodbye.

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