May 2, 2013

Little Girls | Westchester Family Photographer

“Little girls, little girls, everywhere I turn, I can see them …”
Miss Hannigan


Everywhere I turned, little girls with sweet Irish faces.  Each with their own personality shining through, but one sweeter than the next.

I don’t know what Miss Hannigan’s problem was, anyway.  (I don’t know why I brought her up in the first place … except that the song she sings in Annie is so darned catchy …).  In any event, swinging, playing and ring-around-the-rosie-ing with these four little girls (and their equally sweet mom and dad) was a delightful way for me to spend a recent weekday evening.

Don’t miss my favorite from this session here (and also here).  I just love the look on her face — it says she’s not quite sure about me just yet  — but as you can see from the photos below, we eventually got her to come around, and rule the show.

Enjoy the pics, and as always, thanks for looking!

Westchester Family Photographer_001 Westchester Family Photographer_002 Westchester Family Photographer_003 Westchester Family Photographer_004 Westchester Family Photographer_005 Westchester Family Photographer_006 Westchester Family Photographer_007 Westchester Family Photographer_008Westchester Family Photographer_010
Westchester Family Photographer