February 12, 2013

Moments of the Month | January 2013

2013?  Yeesh — I still can’t believe it.

I’ve told you about how I feel about January here.  I really like it!  So … calm.  Kinda.

This January was typical in some ways, and completely atypical in others.  For one thing, a wave of sickness flattened us and slowed us down even more than we normally would have slowed down in January — it even hit ME!  (The nerve — doesn’t everybody know that mommies don’t get sick?)  A super exciting thing for me was a trip to Austin, Texas to attend a workshop given by one of my all time favorite photographers.  That’ll be a post on  its own.   One mild Sunday afternoon soon after that, I took three of the four kids out for an ice cream and stopped for some pictures at a new location I’ve been thinking about — I got some really fun ones, I think.  What else … we started the process of rebuilding our bungalow in Breezy — that’s pretty atypical (and I certainly hope it stays that way!)…

We were entertained by a wide range of talents in January.  Winter is basketball season, and while I didn’t bring my camera to any games, you’ll have to take my word for it — we went to a lot of them.   Kate’s performance in her  production of “The Little Mermaid” was truly fabulous.  And both Kate and Emmett performed in our town’s annual music festival — Emmett played the bass in the all-Pelham elementary school orchestra, and Kate sung a reprise of “Tomorrow” from her role in Annie a few years ago.

Oh, and my girl turned FOURTEEN.  Yeah, fourteen.   Fourteen.  Still getting used to that number.   She’s really coming into her own and it’s a pleasure to watch.

Another of my favorites from January is here, and you can always see my instagram snaps here (or by following me on instagram, of course — username jayemcl).

Hope your January was good, too!