January 28, 2013

2013 Referral Program!

I’ve told many of you about this great new program I’m starting  … and here, finally, are the details!  As a way to say “Thank You” to all the wonderful clients who send me NEW wonderful clients this year, I’ve got something real special in store …

For every new client who books a full lifestyle session with me in 2013 on your referral, you get one of THESE!

These cute little 5×5 mini canvases are only available through this referral program.  Just think how adorable a group of them would be in your kitchen.  Or your mud room.  Or anywhere, really!

But WAIT — that’s not all!!!  (Why do I feel like Bob Barker all of a sudden?)

The NEW client who books on your referral gets a special treat, too.  You know, to sweeten the deal.

Yep, a custom iphone case!  These, too, are only available through the referral program (and by the looks of it, they make your very conversations even more interesting!).  So get to referring, and come claim your prize!

*Now, a weensy bit of fine print.  (It’s all good, so don’t get nervous).  Say you’re a potential new client but you’re not the iphone type, and this offer therefore does not excite you.  Or maybe you are the iphone type, but you love to swim laps with your iphone taped to your arm so as not to miss a single call, and thus require an extremely specialized waterproof case.  In these situations (and some others we can talk about), you can substitue a cool 10×10 standout mount as your awesome prize.  See?  All good.

Thanks for reading.  Now, go tell your friends!