August 22, 2012

Moments of the Month | July 2012

It’s August 22nd.  Summer is almost over.  I’m NOT, however, about to beat myself up for taking until late August to get my monthly  post for July up on the blog.  Instead, I’m going to congratulate myself for completing an entire year of my “Moments of the Month” project!  Yay me!

I started this project last July as a way to force myself to keep up with what got me started in this business in the first place — my passion for freezing and keeping the moments that make up our lives right now.  I’ve been doing that since my first baby was born in 1999 and I love doing it.  My business, though, has me spending lots of hours shooting, culling, editing, printing and posting photos of other people.  I really, really looooove doing that, too.  There are, however, a limited number of hours in every week.  It didn’t take long after my business got going before I found myself falling way behind on keeping track of the many photos I was taking of my own personal life.  By committing to go through and choose some of my favorites from each month and put them someplace safe and lasting, I hoped to solve that problem.  For the last year, at least, the solution has worked!    The photos from these posts will end up in a book to sit beside all the albums I’ve made since that first one in 1999 (you can see them here).  And it’ll never matter, to me or anyone else, that the posts were a few days (ahem WEEKS) late.  So, hooray for completing one year!  I’m not stopping now …

So, July 2012.  It was hot, alright.  I tend to like to pepper our beach life with lots of fun day trips and excursions to stave off the monotony, but the extreme heat of July kept us mostly close to home.  There are worse things, of course.  The beach was niiiiice.    On the topic of monotony, I love that our summers are filled with so much of it.  Sure, it’s a whole-lotta-togetherness, which can sometimes lead to drive-eachother-craziness.  But I know that this time is precious, and that the “regular” moments of this time are what I will always remember the most fondly looking back.


Oh, and speaking of personal projects … my little Instagram picture of the day project — born six months later from the same motivations — is also going strong!